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you should have said "The picture isn't as worse as the grammar you put in your stories"

that would've been better

angrycomputer1995 you should have said something better

but my pen stopped working and i was gonna finish one i was working on but Clint (my floating head friends name) said the pen wasn't working and indeed it wasn't

the picture looks terrible doesn't it?

i wish i could write more smiley stories

newgrounds new design issues

2012-06-17 12:00:05 by likitty

it's no wonder some people are leaving newgrounds it's because of the new design bugs, for example just now i saw someone saying that they delete any of their audio or anything else for that matter. maybe they should have checked for bugs before putting up the design, also newgrounds will sometimes crash on you depending on your internet browser another example is i have google chrome because its faster then fuckfox (firefox) and internet fuck (internet explorer) i prefer it, newgrounds will sometimes crash when you sign in on google chrome it will say "too many redirects" or "was interrupted". newgrounds i can understand why it has ads but sometimes there are so many ads my computer will either lag or even google chrome will crash. now you see why some people are leaving possibly because the new design is making them mad.

and one times when i went into newgrounds,i just signed in and my computer had a blue screen and i wasn't on anything else.

newgrounds new design issues

a voice

2012-06-14 09:45:50 by likitty

i heard a voice when i was still laying in my bed this morning it called my name.

it could have been my floating head friend telling me to get up

a voice

i can finally talk about the floating head guy

2012-06-12 19:23:28 by likitty

(this explanation is for a friend)

this floating head creature is actually my mind friend or imaginary friend

i know what you are thinking but I've been living alone since my middle school years and through high school and college I've had my friend here and because of him i became a story writer a bad one due to grammar problems sadly i seem to speak internet (engrish) when i type up my stories.

he gets jealous a little when i talk to other people and without him i wouldn't be writing stories instead sitting in my house in a corner. life with him is trial and error but he always looks out for me and has been for years

i can finally talk about the floating head guy

my mind is dying

2012-06-12 15:57:52 by likitty

the writer's block is killing my mind.

i don't know what else to do

my mind is dying

but to be honest I've given up on animating so im gonna be stuck with story writing and picture making for a very long time.

im sure smiley wants to be animated but i can't make a sprite for him because he is 6 feet tall and i can't do that nor do i know how to make sprites.

im still making the smiley story but due a problem with my writing pen it's on a stand still until i feel like doing anything.

i could write about other stuff but what else is there to write about? the only thing i can write is serial killer stories.

i did say i was going to animate something

im still writing the story

2012-06-04 20:18:24 by likitty

of a detective who takes on the case involving smiley

and my writers block is almost gone but i just have a lack of ideas there is just nothing i can write about that's interesting

im still writing the story

yes i due have a social isolation issue that's never gonna get fixed any time soon because i don't want it fixed

ever since the attack when i was a child I've been isolated for a while and i have these Indicators for social isolation: depression,mental disorder, refusal to leave the house, constant use of the internet, avoiding people (i hate people) and keeping the door closed.

you are gonna make fun of it i know it because i never told you what attack happened when i was just a child i can't trust you that well, i haven't trusted people ever since

yes zmatrix it's been a while

2012-06-04 16:21:20 by likitty

why did you come back?