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doesn't this look like

it should belong on adult swim? well doesn't it

my opinion on this great madness thing

animation: 10/10 yeah its nice

justin bieber killed thing: 1000000000000/10 YES DAMN IT I HATE THAT GAY PIECE OF SHIT BIEBER!!

its not bad at all i like it even the random guy in walmart that gets his guts cut out. ;3

Rapheus responds:

The unemployment rate HAS to be going down with all the Wal-Mart employees I'm offing :D Haha thanks man!

no credict for me at least giving you the sprite

thats not nice :(

Bantuatha responds:

sorry but MacroCastro give me a epic mask.

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what i think of this game

music: 1/10 just like epic battle fantasy 3 the music is too depressing and not good to me im not saying anything but the music has got to go.

gameplay: 10/10 its just like a shooting game... oh wait it is :3.

characters: 9/10 anna's attack is very slow even if you upgrade it i use lance and matt.

bosses: 8/10 they are alright i guess.

what i think of the game

gameplay: 10/10 its pretty good

music: 2/10 the music is never needed i always turn it off because its to depressing

bosses: 5/10 no comment

characters: 10/10 i like lance and matt thats all im gonna say

to madnessboy13

if you don't like it why review, and vinne can have alot of weapons not just a gun

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hey do you know?

that your song was used in a fad on youtube? just so you know and the song is awesome

AisareneMusic responds:

It was? Where? o.O

the ones who don't like this

can kiss my ass, this is pure music right here


you are the master of music i worship you

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the game is insane

so much stuff flying at you but at least its fun.

its very nice

it reminds me of JTHM in style and color

Fungasm responds:

color?... it's in b&w...

to DeltalianDude

its not boring you are, this is the best 3D art i have ever seen on newgrounds

why are you still here?


wouldn't you like to know

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