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this has been happening for a while with my 11 year old computer and it's scaring me a little but there are some times when this happen

for example,i remember i turned it on and went to take a shower for about 40 minutes(i take long showers)and when i come back it's off completely

no one could be shutting if off because i have no one in my house other then me.when i check the power save setting it's not set to shut off after 40 minutes i have it set to 2 hours

i guess the corrupt guy gave up

2012-07-13 18:23:36 by likitty

I told him his insults will not help him make me feel any worse then I am,making fun of me living alone which was my own choice and i love it.
If I live with someone else i will be worse then i am,my mouth would be shut and i would not talk to that person but the corrupt guy thought me that i should stay living alone to make me happier.

thanks corrupt guy

im not gonna take your damn "happy" pills

i don't need to see those useless men in white coats

just because i don't smile

2012-07-10 22:39:40 by likitty

doesn't mean you have to call me a psychopath

if i was i wouldn't be here i would somewhere else

power-to-the-players you can try all you want

2012-07-10 17:05:38 by likitty

you know im crazy everyone knows it but you are unable to make me curse or become mad wanna know why?because i can control my anger bro

note: on my other account it says "i am a story writer but im not very good at it but i keep trying because as you may know practice makes perfect"

im still practicing stories so you shouldn't complain about it


2012-07-09 12:10:25 by likitty

i can understand you but dude can you stop the cursing,cursing never helps anyone bro

you can say whatever you want but dude slow down on the cursing you know children visit this site and that's no lie

ummmm power-to-the-players

2012-07-09 07:15:40 by likitty

since when did i talk about people with birth defects im not against them and who the hell are you to talk good about the corrupt?
alot of people on newgrounds aren't normal so they aren't as corrupt as you are sir.

and i thought i told you to stay away from my page and your corruptness brought you back?that's terrible and now you contaminated my page i need to clean it up

but the thing you need to clean up is your mind that was brainwashed by the corrupt

clean it up or don't come back

the corrupt

2012-07-06 18:40:26 by likitty

corrupt,a new name for "normal" people

the corrupt only want to send people to the mental hospitals to drug them and get money,all the corrupt want to do is give them drugs to make them worse then make them pay for more pills.mental hospitals don't do anything even therapy doesn't work because those with mental illnesses will have there mental illness come back.we are suffering while the corrupt are getting money for it,sure the PTSD have healthcare stuff but that will not help their condition and the corrupt will give them pills that is not need.I've been off pills for 3 years and let me tell you the brain can recover by it's self with no pills.the corrupt wanted me back on pills but i said no because i will be worse then ever and they are not getting any of my money.if any of your family members want to send another to the mental hospital tell them that they are wasting what money they could use for more important stuff like food and bills.children with autism have therapy which helps them a little but they are also forced on antidepressants and other bullsh*t that they don't need and who is doing this? the corrupt,for the suicidal the pills offer a method of suicide called overdose they can easily kill themselves with them.the corrupt call us retarded and other names but the corrupt get money from the mentally ill pill and therapy bills so who the retarded one?only the corrupt,they put us mentally ill in bad light blaming us for being psychopaths and other stuff but who caused us to be like this? that's right the corrupt.

why is it asking me this?

2012-06-23 18:30:20 by likitty

"You're not coming from, are you?"