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(i had this story in my mind for a while and its in its beta form right now but just tell me what you think)

My name is Alexander and I'm a homicide detective.I'm living in a mental hospital right now because I went insane after a case that I tired to finish, I will tell you what happened.I was at the detectives offices trying to get a girl that i love to love me.Her name is Tiffany and she is a female detective and a pretty good man beater.When ever i tried to get her to like me i would get smacked with anything such as her cup of pens and chair.Whenever she would beat me she would call me names like "playful man" or say "you are the most immature detective I've ever seen" but let me get back to my story.

"get your behind out of my office!!" she yelled when i stepped into her office"calm down girl i'm just here to talk to you"I said stepping fully into the office she stood up from her chair and glared at me"there hasn't been much cases lately"I continued. "Chief said there has been murders around the area and i think you know what it's about" she said calming down i sat in the chair in front of her desk and said "it's about that smiley killer right?"

Tiffany nodded and said"I'm afraid so and the few that survived him have gone mad and have been sent to the mental hospital to calm down. they say he strangles his victims to death and the last thing his victims see is his smiling face"I covered my mouth in shock. Tiffany finishes"if you are a real man you wouldn't be afraid of this serial killer and face him face-to-face"she showed me a police sketch of the killer which made me shutter a little"they say he lives in the abandoned cow slaughterhouse,you remember the slaughterhouse that was abandoned because of a man that killed some of the employees that worked there?"

I became afraid of doing the case but if its the only tough one there i would do it since i love challenges.I shakenly walked by to my office to try and relax then after a hour David came to see me.David is my chief and he also calms me down if i'm nervous or in shock"are you alright Alex? i heard you want to take on this smiley case"David said while entering my office"after i saw the police sketch i'm thinking twice"I said hugging myself"come on Alex you are one of our best detectives you can do this one" David said with a smile.

I held myself even tighter and told him"but the killers face is very creepy and all i feel safe doing is talking to the witnesses i am really scared of this killer"David came next to me and put his hand on my shoulder.Tiffany burst through my door and when she closed the door she stood next to it and laughed "you are nothing more then a scaredy cat Alex" she said while laughing "tiff calm yourself" David answered. David left leaving me to Tiffany's attacking " i don't see you going to do the case" I yelled at Tiffany then she sat down and looked at me and said "this killer is 6 feet tall Alex and his upper body is huge,so are his hands which he uses to strangle the life out of his victims"

I looked at Tiffany with a smile and said"he sounds like the perfect man for you"then she threw a pen at my face"don't play with me Alex or else you will be my new rug!" she yelled


my floating head friend is mad

2012-05-30 15:05:36 by likitty

he is mad due to the fact i have a writer's block and with him stories are like food depending on how good it is will depend on its taste

its awkward to understand it

my floating head friend is mad

even though my grammar is terrible but i guess im a good story writer but im running low on ideas. i would make another smiley story (i have one on my other account but you just need to go through the news posts) but i need more ideas.

more inspiration rather.

angrycomputer1995 i guess you are right

here and the username is misleading because that account is not only for smiley stories

trust me no one is normal in this world, no body is normal period. i only call those without mental illnesses "normal" people because they are neither mentally ill nor are they normal themselves so don't think you are a psycho because trust me you haven't seen psycho.

the "normal" people may call you that but they aren't normal either

oh yeah the mental hospital

2012-05-25 23:21:31 by likitty

so yeah they locked me in a psycho place and i made new friends with the other patents except for 1 who was very crazy and i didn't like the way he grin it reminded me of smiley almost.

i couldn't look at him and one time he stared at me all night when he was in my room for the night because they had to clean his room it was a huge mess but it was a food mess not a urine and shit mess like in other mental hospitals and it was hard for me to sleep with a man with a psycho grin staring at me but the time i spent there he didn't hurt me just stare.

well i guess i met one of my kind but more psycho-ish

its been a long time

2012-05-24 16:11:15 by likitty

how have you been?


2012-04-18 15:03:31 by likitty

it is very difficult for me to tell if what you are saying is a joke because i never heard of jokes

angrycomputer1995 for 1 thing

2012-04-17 14:59:07 by likitty

i got the back picture from a website called " know your meme" that i just used my animating program to put the things in such as the eyes

2: you thought i did this when i don't have gimp anymore

angrycomputer1995 for 1 thing

just another smiley picture

2012-04-16 20:01:05 by likitty

he will be waiting for you

just another smiley picture