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i guess firefox isn't bullshit

2012-08-11 19:49:24 by likitty

even though it's telling me on youtube that my flash player is not up to date even though it is then telling me to update my java when it is. firefox is a tiny bit slow but it's better then nothing

yeah it's full of it but there are 2 add-ons that chrome needs badly:

1: it's called do not track plus and it blocks trackers and anyone else who follows what website you go to at least with this i feel safer going on newgrounds but there is only 1 tracking company that the add-on found and blocked on this site

2: it's called adblock plus and it blocks all ads on any site you go to, it's a life saver it even blocks the ads on youtube now that's worth my time

google chrome


actually chrome has the ad blocker but if you are using the private mode it will not work and if you enable it there chrome will record your history so it's pretty worthless

anyone want the heather sprites?

2012-08-11 18:50:47 by likitty

I've had these for a while but now it's their time to go

yes i made them myself and let i wanna give them away

anyone want the heather sprites?

it's unavoidable

2012-08-11 18:18:43 by likitty

im gonna have to use firefox to make my pictures because of chromes horrible update i just wish that they would give you the option to update

last night i was about to go to bed and a voice said "go ahead,go to sleep"

it was the craziest thing that ever happened to me

they say don't do drugs

2012-08-09 22:15:00 by likitty

but the so called "treatment" pills are indeed drugs that can be sold in schools by students who take them

don't spend all your money on the pills that you may be on for the rest of your life,for some people they don't work while with others they become so dependent on the pills that if they go without for some time they suffer from withdraw symptoms and then are needing to buy the pills again.

with the economy getting worse by the years what you rather spend your money on?

pills are for are "treatment" of a mental disorder and anything but what a medical doctor can diagnose or would you spend it on things that are necessary for life like food,water and shelter?

you make the choice.

(this is a opinion people)

they say don't do drugs

*sigh* lack of inspiration

2012-08-08 12:13:25 by likitty

im just lacking it

*sigh* lack of inspiration

i can tell you what is my bullshit right now

2012-08-07 20:23:48 by likitty

google chromes new upgrade, now i can't make my pictures while listening to a video without the video's audio skipping and it does this if you are doing anything outside chrome

do not upgrade your internet browser but unless of course you have it update by it's self.

it's like when people upgraded itunes they forgot that the old ones had a button to burn your music on CD's but now you have to go to the fucking menu and knowing my computer itunes will take a while to come up but with windows media player it comes up a few seconds later but itunes takes 5 minutes yeah i timed that piece of shit.

no i don't want nor will i ever get internet shit and fuckfox,

i can tell you what is my bullshit right now

wow newgrounds is dead

2012-08-06 19:37:21 by likitty

it's just too quiet today

now i can't sleep at all but i'm able to take short naps here and there

this picture looks bad

2012-08-05 21:40:10 by likitty

i wish i knew how to make it better

this picture looks bad